Holistic approaches to teaching and learning.

Our programs are designed and expands upon children’s ideas and interests which are collected and documented through various observations by educators and families. In doing so, we are dedicated to provide a responsive and flexible curriculum that caters for each child’s physical, social, emotional, cognitive developments and needs.

Learning through free play

Young children learn and benefit the most through play. Play is important in a child’s development as they explore, discover and learn about the world around them. Piaget’s constructivist theory tells us that play allows for first handed experience and active learning, which contribute to children’s cognitive development. Through free play, children use their imaginations and creativity to reinforce what they have already learnt and also build on their social and communication skills. 

Intentional teaching

KEL provides young children with positive learning experiences through structural learning activities. Through structural activities, children can be introduced to new ideas and discover things that they have not experienced before. Our educators provide guide and scaffold to lead children to learn from completing a task with assistance to being able to complete it independently. Children will need to be provided with enough challenges in order to be engaged and motivated but not so much that they become discouraged.