We respect children’s voices and believe they are capable and competent learners

Children are active learners and we at KEL believe that children have the ability to direct and initiate their own learning and play experiences. We observe children’s interests through their daily play and allow them to make decisions and direct us in designing our curriculum.

We believe that children have a right to be safe, loved, respected and valued

Each child is an unique individual. At KEL we respect and celebrate each child’s individuality, abilities and strengths. We understand that strong bonds and relationships in early years play a huge role in building foundations and shaping children into who they will become in the future. We are committed to develop secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships with children through positive interactions and encouragements as well as consistent role modelling and emotional support.

We celebrate and recognise the diversity of Australian culture

Children will feel a sense of security and belonging when their identities are respected and cherished. KEL endeavours to deliver a learning environment that appreciates individual and cultural differences. We celebrate the various languages, traditions, values, beliefs, child rearing practices and lifestyle choices of all families. We honour children’s rights to have their cultures and identities acknowledged and valued within the curriculum. It is our responsibility as educators to teach children to learn and appreciate our differences and tolerate, accept and respect each other as an unique individual.

We build and maintain effective partnerships with children, families, educators and communities

We believe it is important to build and maintain strong relationships with families. In doing so, our educators can gain an insight into children’s worlds, their needs and family expectations. Similarly, in having effective communication with educators, families can also have a better understanding of their children’s learning and development at our centre.

We believe in reflective practice, critical action and change

To ensure high quality care and education for all children, our educators engage in ongoing evaluation of practices and undertake professional training and development regularly. Through various strategies to observe and document children’s learning and interests, our educators are able to evaluate and assess each child’s needs and abilities and thus design a responsive curriculum to help all children to reach their full potential.

We are committed to prepare children for success in life

We are dedicated to help children build an excellent foundation for their future by providing quality care, education and a positive learning environment. We provide responsive curriculum to enhance children’s confidence, abilities and life skills. We ensure smooth transitions from early childhood education to school through our programs.