Music has a profound impact on early childhood development. KEL aims to provide various opportunities for children to explore musical concepts (beat, rhythm, pitch, tempo etc), compose music, express themselves through performing, listening and responding to music.

Benefits of music include and are not limited to:

  • Developing children’s fine and gross motor control as they clap, tap, bounce and dance to music
  • Helping children to build intimacy and meaningful relationships. For example, children feel a sense of security as they fall asleep listening to lullabies and can build friendships as they dance and respond to music through different ways.
  • Expanding children’s communication and imagination as children become exposed to various languages and sounds.
  • Helping children to create a sense of belonging as they hear familiar sounds and rhythms that they have already been exposed to at home. Children will enjoy common language with friends if they can sing along or respond together to the same music.
  • Making children happy and better in their overall wellbeing