KEL aims to ensure a smooth transition from childcare setting to school environment for all children. We aim to provide families with guidance and advice to ensure the transition to school a positive experience for all children and families.


Our curriculum incorporates a range of strategies to ensure the school readiness program has been implemented:

  • Providing designed curriculum that encourages critical thinking, investigation and exploration, problem solving, self-expression and social interactions.
  • Providing activities that are designed to enhance group learning as well as targeting each individual child’s needs and personal goals.
  • Allowing children to gain a positive experience and understand different aspects of school and that school is a safe and enjoyable place through:
    • Reading and writing programs, alphabets, mathematical concepts
    • Reading stories about going to school
    • School uniform dress ups/dramatic role play
    • Learning to write and holding pencils correctly
    • Using scissors and glue
    • Provide scaffolding to develop self-help skills e.g. putting clothes and shoes on unassisted, going to the bathroom and washing hands, eating and drinking etc.